Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Sprinklers need to be observed and respected

Water sprinklers are installed for your safety and there ti help in the event of a g fire.  Numerous sprinklers are accidentally set off resulting in water spraying out as designed to do. Take a mental note of where your sprinklers are and be careful not to hit them accidentally... or SERVPRO will be there to get the water up!

You refrigerator supply line can lead to a water mess!

It is unfortunate but the convenience of your refrigerator water supply line operating incorrectly is a common cause of water loss for us to deal with.  If you live above another unit or have a basement this can mean damage for other residents and the added expenses. 

Pipes in the ceiling can be a factor

Pipes are generally in the ceiling throughout all buildings both commercial and residential.  It is always a smart idea to know where the main water valve shut off is, so you can minimize damage once you are aware there is a broken pipe issue.

Measuring moisture is crucial

Just because you think an area is dry does not mean it is in fact dry.  Our Technicians and Commercial Drying Specialists monitor each job daily so we know when the process is complete.  The slightest bit of residual moisture can cause severe problems especially over time.

After mitigation comes cleaning

After the water loss source is located and fixed, the water is mitigated from the site of damage, the drying process is started and monitored until dry and finally the area is cleaned and sanitized.  Upon completion of the sanitation unless rebuild is needed our work is completed and ready for you to go about your normal daily business. 

Technicians always ready to help

Our Technicians each undergo extensive water and restoration training.  We have mold and fire  specialists to cover any and all of your emergency needs.  SERVPRO stays up to date with the latest advances in technology to best meet industry standards and ensure customer satisfaction.