Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Ice Storms can cause significant damage indoors and out

If you live in the northern section of the country you may have experienced an ice storm.  Although beautiful to the eye the resulting damage is usually catastrophic.  The weight of the ice downs power lines and everything freezes in the absence of heat. If you are at risk...have a back up plan.

Wood Floors are one of our many specalities

If you have concerns about either damage or restoration to your wood or laminate floors; let your worries subside by calling us to come and Clean, or Fix, or Replace your flooring.  Water and time are your enemies, SERVPRO is your "Go to" Company no matter what the flooring surface is. No job too big and no job too small. 

Hurricanes and flooding conditions

SERVPRO stay on call to always be of assistance if a hurricane brings flooding conditions or if there is a flood that results from any other numerous weather conditions.  Remember "Safety First"  for both yourself and for those responding to help.

Strong winds and heavy rains bring roof and ceiling issues

When storms roll in and bring the strong winds and heavy rains, there is a stronger risk of damage to the roof.   Damage to the roof will almost guarantee damage to the structure and the ceilings if the rain is still coming down.

Lightening can cause home fires

If your house is hit with Lightening it can result in a fire in the home as well as shorting out electrical devices that might be plugged in.  These fires can even travel into the ceilings. A safety check with your local fire department could give you tips to prevent an electrical fire due to a storm in your home.

Storms cause hazards indoors and outdoors

The severe weather here caused pipes to freeze and break inside of the building.  Upon arrival to the building the Crews spotted the frozen areas and ice on the sidewalk outside which alerted them to the severity of the situation inside.