Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Celling shows an are of mold and mold damage.

Got mold in your office?

Mold can appear any where from your home to the office. it can grow on anything and at any time. If you see mold give us a call we will gladly take a look and recommend what is best to do next depending of the density of the mold.

Laundry damaged by fire

Damaged laundry and home needs restoration

SERVPRO is here for you no matter what the situation is!. In tis case a Springfield homes laundry cached  fire and tat triggered the sprinklers and caused for the home owners personal belonging to get wet. We quickly dried up all items and cleaned the soot from the fire. We are ready to help with any incident in your home we train to respond quickly. 

Repairs are being done on wall

Repairs in Springfield home

At SERVPRO we do all types of restoration and all sizes. This Springfield home was in need of small repairs that consisted of dry wall and some painting. We where done within a few hours and left the wall looking brand new.

Carpet is being professionally cleaned

Carpet deodorizing and cleaning

If your carpet needs some attention  of any sort whether its spot cleaning, deodorizing or just a simple cleaning SERVPRO of Springfield/Mt. Vernon has you covered. We has state of the art equipment that will leave your carpets like new 

Room is full of equipment ready to be used.

We are fully equipped and ready for any job.

SERVPRO of Springfield/Mt. Vernon has been known to be ready 24/7 for any size disaster, now we have added more new equipment to the warehouse to better assist your restoration needs whether they are residential or commercial. 

A SERVPRO technician is disinfecting a keyboard

Covid-19 cleaning for Homes/Commercial needs

At SERVPRO are technicians are trained to control biohazards conditions such as disinfecting after a confirmed Covid-19 case or to prevent one. We offer customized cleaning that will fit your needs weather its commercial or residential.

Room is being demolished and getting prepared for renovation.

Full remodeling service

The room has been taken apart to be redesigned and renovated.