Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Relief from rebuilding

A disaster can put your home and your daily routine in a frenzy for anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks... the good news is there is a light at the end of the process.  SERVPRO goes the extra step to make sure your home is back to normal, if not better, as fast as we can.  We offer rebuilding services if a fire or any other disaster left your home in disorder.

Hoarding can lead to serious fire concerns

Sometimes "Hoarding" can be a subjective opinion, other times the situation is quite obvious.  The concerns go beyond health and sanitation to those of safety in the event of a fire or an emergency; particularly if the alternative pathways for egress are blocked. The county even steps in when conditions have been so obvious neighbors or relatives notified the authorities.

House fires are traumatizing

Many house fires are preventable.  Human error can be minimized if we can be more diligent regarding safety issues.  Indoors or Outdoors SERVPRO is there to help and do Clean up when you have a situation where you need clean up and debris from a fire removed.

Kitchen after fire

Fire in the kitchens are more common then we might want to think.  Hopefully it is caught early on and the clean up is not very complicated, but if it burns long and hard enough it will mean gutting the room and rebuilding from scratch.  Yep...we do both. 

Even a Fire House can catch on Fire

When the local Fire Station had an unexpected fire they called on SERVPRO to come and do what we do best.  Fortunately it was not a large fire and damage was minimized, even then the clean-up has to be done correctly.  The Pros know where to go for Professional Service.

Biohazard Clean up

The owners’ family contracted with SERVPRO of Reston/ Herndon to clean what was an extreme case of hoarding and animal defecation. The cleanup required removal of all the carpet, pad, and vinyl flooring; deodorizing and sealing the subfloor; removal and disposal of all the upholstered furniture along with the replacement of stained and smelling kitchen and bath cabinets and base trim. After the cleanup and renovation the home is brand- new!