If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (703) 644-0620

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Clean and dried properly is like new

We resolve the worst of water issues for both Commercial and Residential Customers. We make sure the drying process is monitored and documented for everyone in... READ MORE

Replacing wood flooring

Nothing can scare a homeowner as much as a having to remove wood flooring or carpet after a water loss. We do have a rebuild division that does beautiful work ... READ MORE

Roof Repair

Should a tree fall or a Hail Storm tear off some of your roof shingles; SERVPRO is ready to come tarp and repair the damage to your home. Time is your enemy wh... READ MORE

Removal of affected materials

When carpet is saturated and the padding and sub-floor are affected, our technicians need to make sure the drying process is able to be completed in a timely ma... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Residential

Mold issues can be severe. Our Technicians are trained and Certified for mold remediation on all levels. Unfortunately many times if the mold is severe enough ... READ MORE


We can access the toughest points in a residence or business to ensure the mold or water issue is resolved. Many times an issue goes unnoticed because the orig... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Apartments

Multi Unit Disasters can be horrendous. A fire in the Attic caused damage to the immediate floor underneath, in this circumstance the 3rd floor, then water need... READ MORE

Bedroom Damage Before and After a fire

Fires are devastating. Damage goes beyond the physical damage to the material goods, but to the emotional ties to the items and even to the room and home as we... READ MORE

Commercial loss

SERVPRO has proven to be the "go to" Company when there is a loss of any type in a working office. Our Technicians and Professionals are trained that time is m... READ MORE

Containment barriers

When Mold Remediation is underway it is extremely important to keep the mold and the mold spores limited as much as possible to the affected areas. Mold spores... READ MORE

Mold in the walls

Mold and Mold spores can invade the smallest of spaces in your home and become the biggest of enemies for your home can create health issues. If you catch the ... READ MORE

Rebuild after Water Damage

At SERVPRO we do more than dry out the damaged areas affected bu your water loss... we have a Rebuild Division that can take your budget or with Insurance Appro... READ MORE

Storm damage can invade the home

If a tree were to fall through the roof, or even break into the home through a window or outside door, the damage may not stop at the location of the tree. The... READ MORE

Server room water damage

Electronics are the standard in our way of life and doing business these days. Many businesses have their own Servers and if big enough they have rooms dedicate... READ MORE

Fire Stations call SERVPRO

Even the Fire Professionals know who to call in the event of a fire! Local Fire Stations are on such good terms with SERVPRO that when the unexpected happens o... READ MORE

Conference Room Water Damage

Time is money when your business has to shut down due to a water loss or some other emergency. We understand your concerns and want you up and running again as... READ MORE

High Voltage Sewage Loss

The toughest of situations and most dangerous of circumstances can happen when water meets electricity. Safety is always the first concern. Our Commercial Dry... READ MORE

Total reconstruction is sometimes needed

Many times if there has been a fire in a residence the residence itself can be saved and restored with professional help. Many times the residence will need to... READ MORE

Storms outside can cause issues inside

Severe thunderstorms with flooding can cause major sewage issue for home owners and businesses. When debris clogs the main sewage lines the other systems are n... READ MORE

When water floods into your home

Emergencies like a pipe breaking are a water loss you have a certain amount of control over, you can shut off the water main valve. Mother Nature sometimes thr... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Apartments

Multi Unit Disasters can be horrendous. A fire in the Attic caused damage to the immediate floor underneath, in this circumstance the 3rd floor, then water need... READ MORE

Removal of damaged carpet is sometimes inevitable

It can be fire, water, mold, stains, bio-hazard contamination or just old and worn out, but sometimes the best remedy for a healthy and aesthetic environment ca... READ MORE

Mold in sub-flooring can be difficult to be aware of

I think the before photo here can say 90% of what we are all thinking..YUK! This situation happens more often than you think. Water somehow managed to get bel... READ MORE

Kitchen Fires in Condominiums can affect multiple units

Its a scary but very real reality that if you live in an apartment or Condominium a fire in your Unit can affect your neighbors and vice versa. Fires that orig... READ MORE

Crawl spaces can be a haven for water

We all know that water will chose the path of least resistance and that gravity does work. Many times after a water loss this can mean that water will find its... READ MORE

Frozen pipes can lead to major water damage

As the temperatures drop and water can change from liquid to solid in the form of "Ice" we try to remind everyone that Ice causes expansion which can lead to pi... READ MORE

Bathtub overflow should not be taken lightly...

If you tend to have water splash and overflow from your tub do not assume the water will not be causing any damage to the flooring or sub-flooring. It depends ... READ MORE

Extra care taken when your business has product concerns

We know that if a fire or any other catastrophe can slow down your bottom line at work; SERVPRO is quick to respond to your needs and take special precautions t... READ MORE

Closets with mold

If you have had a water loss in your home or just tend to have high humidity and keep your closet doors closed rarely opening them up to air and light, do not b... READ MORE