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Storm Damage Testimonials

Superb & Outstanding team. Tommy led his team in during one of the most professional jobs I've had the chance to witness.

Very friendly and Informative.

The lead on sit was phenomenal, knowledgeable, courteous, patient, and attentive.  Highly impressed.

As soon as SERVPRO arrived, I knew I was in good hands! These heroes fixed my sewerage back up with great energy and efficiency. I recommend SERVPRO for anyone looking for reliable professionals who know how to get the job done.

I loved that Mr. Solomon texted us photos and updated us as the service progressed. Shiela was great as a patient staff person who helped me keep our landlord informed while still getting the work done and helping to push through solutions.

(Phil’s) Team was excellent, respective of my home and property and answered all questions to my satisfaction.

Elizabeth Pokorny

Fairfax, VA

Dear Mr. Smith,

I thank you for calming me, being patient and accepting my repetitive phone calls. As you promised, Phil Joos, Lorenzo Smith and Nat Rivers were at my door the next day! I am very pleased with their attitude, response to my questions, explaining the process, and their respect for me and my family. Because of my interaction with the company, I have been bragging to friends about my experience.

Lena Bowie

Springfield, VA

P.S. I forgot Jaime Oteyza! He is included.